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In any industry, I imagine, it’s a constant stress to stay up-to-date, ahead of the pack, and not get left behind.  Whether it’s innovative marketing, flash mobs, or aggressive social media usage, there are a variety of channels we need to be tapping into to feel like we’re competing on the same level as other organizations in our field… or even better, on a higher level.  In a small shop, it’s hard to dedicate time and resources to this, and in fundraising, it can be hard to justify spending resources to raise resources… a slippery slope indeed.

I’m thinking about this because in my office we’ve been talking about a video appeal of sorts.  If we were to embark on a project to create a video, how would we go about it?

Would we want it to be focused on the student experience, thereby creating alumni pride/nostalgia?

Or is the ask the thing?  Is it most important to focus on the ask and make sure that’s the strongest message of the video?

OR is it flashiness, high-quality production, and originality? 

What makes a fundraising video a great video?  Is it conciseness?  Is it evoking emotion?  Is it making it extremely convenient to make a gift right after watching?

What do you think???  Share your thoughts, ideas, and favourite videos here!


Written by Maeve Strathy

Maeve is the Founder of What Gives Philanthropy and has been working in educational fundraising for the past 6 years.  Click here to learn more about Maeve.

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