Guest Post: Giving Circles at Illinois Wesleyen University

Sharon Lipinski, What Gives???’s original guest blogger and Founder of Change Gangs, is back with her second guest post, which she has generously shared from her own blog: Giving Circles Help. Read more about Sharon and her amazing organization by clicking here.

Also, right click to download the mP3 of Sharon’s interview with Jeffrey Mavros to your computer: Giving Circles at Illinois Wesleyn University.
Or, of course, click the link to hear the interview now!


Jeffrey Mavros was looking to increase donations and engagement with their younger graduates, and three years ago he hoped that giving circles would be a great tool for reaching the Millennial generation. They now have 16 different giving circles with over 200 participants funding 16 different scholarships for current Wesleyen students.

This is a win-win situation. The alumnus feels like he/she is doing their part for the university and making a significant contribution to a student. And the university engages their young alumni, develops long-term, deep relationships with them, and raises more money for scholarships for the university’s current students.

I hope you enjoy discovering how giving circles may work for your university.

Location: Bloomington, IL
Founded: 2009

Written by Sharon Lipinski
Founder of Change Gangs, Virtual Giving Circles
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