Guest Post: The Importance of Tickets For Your Fundraiser Event

Once again I am excited to have been reached out to – out of the blue – by another passionate individual wanting to spread a message having to do fundraising and philanthropy.  Thank you to Lance Trebesch of & Ticket River for sharing this unique idea of the importance of tickets.


Tickets… sometimes you need them, sometimes you don’t. It depends on the event, doesn’t it? Tickets are practical from a planning standpoint because they allow the organizers to track who is coming in, how many people to expect, etc.

For those, though, that are prone to believe that tickets aren’t a necessary part of your event’s goal, I’d like to remind you of the people that make your event possible – the donors.

A well-designed ticket not only brings a physical tie to your event, but it can also serve as a reminder – a savvy marketing tool – for future events.

People hold on to tickets. I still have all the tickets from the games, shows, theatre events, etc., from when my wife and I first started dating. Our son still has his Super Bowl ticket (and every other sporting event ticket) stored away in a box in his room. I’ve met people that have hung on to tickets from Led Zeppelin or Beatles concerts from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Tickets are important, not because of their physical value or the function they serve for the organizers, but because of the intrinsic value they hold for the donors.  They serve as a place-marker in time for an event that you couldn’t take home with you. If nothing else, the ticket to your event serves as a memory for those that were there, and as something to help them remember the good they did by going.

The same is true for those that attend a fundraiser or charity event. While the event may be memorable (let’s hope that it is), how many times have donors been sent home with a receipt for their donation? It’s impersonal and the chance of an emotional tie is usually absent. And while there may be those that don’t need that reassurance of where they were when they donated, there is always a tie to that event that people would like.

That’s the goal of any fundraiser or charity event, isn’t it? We want the people donating to have an emotional tie to the cause they are donating to (your organization!). We also want them to remember the event, its organizers and the organization itself, as well. That’s where the marketing aspect of the ticket comes into play.

The ticket already serves as a cost-effective, tangible memory for the donor, and when you’ve got a styled ticket, something that catches the eye or does a good job displaying the message of the event, you’ve also got a mini flyer for your organization. This is important because the secondary goal of any fundraiser or charity event, with the first being to get donors, is to have people return to your organization to continue to make future donations. Adding that ticket to an outstanding outreach program helps keep you in your donor’s mind all the time.

So while many may think that tickets hold little value for an event, think of the people holding those tickets. The more they have to bring home with them, the more they will remember where they were and why they were there, which means they will be more likely to come back.


Lance Trebesch is the CEO of & Ticket River which offers a variety of event products and ticketing services. After nineteen years of Silicon Valley experience, Lance found the key to happiness is helping customers worldwide beautify and monetize their events with brilliant print products and event services. Listening to his customers and learning about how they plan their events – ranging from concerts to fundraisers has helped him gain insight and expertise on how to host a successful event that he is always eager to share.

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