Happy 2-year Anniversary!!! – Maeve’s Top 10 Favourite Posts


Tomorrow – November 23rd – marks the 2-year anniversary of www.whatgivesphilanthropy.com.  731 days have now passed since I introduced this blog about philanthropy and fundraising to the world, and during that time this website has produced 59 total posts, 16 guest posts by 14 different guest bloggers, and topics have been covered that range from annual reports to storytelling to donor fatigue to fundraising events to organizations that inspire to social media to the power of listening to introverts!

Last year at this time I decided to take a leap forward by introducing a mission and vision statement for this blog.  I also made a promise to update the website every other Friday, a promise I’ve kept (with 1-2 worthwhile exceptions).  I wanted to aim for consistency as well as purpose.  I wanted to create content that was exciting, interesting, and thought-provoking.  I believe I’ve done that, but I also believe that I can do even better, so rather than use this opportunity to shake things up, I want to recommit to excellence at www.whatgivesphilanthropy.com.  I want to work harder to find great guest bloggers, I want to ask my fellow fundraisers what they want to read about and deliver content that meets those needs, and I want to inspire others in the philanthropy and fundraising world to work harder, be more passionate, and make more of a difference in their work.

All of that being said, I still want to use this occasion to celebrate how far this blog has come, and so I thought it would be worthwhile to share my top ten favourite posts from the blog over the past two years.  Let me know what you think, and THANK YOU for reading!  That’s what makes all of this worthwhile.

Maeve’s Top 10 Favourite What Gives Philanthropy Posts
(in no particular order)

Cause vs. Cause – about the New York City Opera needing $20 million and the debate being that there are causes out there in greater need than the opera

A question of ethics – about the “Crackstarter” campaign to buy an alleged video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, and the ethics of – if the campaign failed – making a donation to an addiction facility with the proceeds
**my favourite part about this post was the comment section!**

Young Alumni Fundraising – Part I about why to focus on young alumni giving Young Alumni Fundraising – Part II about how fundraise among young alumni

Guest Post: The power of Listening by Rory Green  so honoured to have the Fundraiser Grrl write a guest blog post!

To be a fundraiser, do you have to give??? – are we better fundraisers if we’re supporting our cause ourselves?  Do we have to be philanthropic?

You’re a fundraiser.  What next??? – about being a fundraiser when you’re in a fundraising position (and aren’t necessarily feeling like you’re fundraising)

Happy Anniversary, What Gives!!! – A look back and a leap forward! – the first milestone in What Gives Philanthropy‘s history, which I celebrated by creating a mission and vision statement for the blog, as well as a format for how often I would post, etc.

Guest Post: The Story of NationWares by Amie Mariana Sider – Amie’s story and her organization NationWares are both so inspiring.  I’m honoured to know her personally

Why I love what I do: reason #2 – about getting to combine my passions in my work: meeting new people, writing, words/language, psychology, feel-good industry

Guest Post: Is storytelling really the answer for your charity??? by Brock Warner – Brock is another fundraising hero of mine.  It was such a pleasure to have him write one of the first guest posts for this blog


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Written by Maeve Strathy

Maeve is the Founder of What Gives Philanthropy and has been working in educational fundraising for the past 6 years.  Click here to learn more about Maeve.

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