Guest Post: 8 Fundraising Lessons I Learned from Beyoncé

8 fundraising lessons I learned from Beyoncé

#1. “Pretty Hurts”


 The message for fundraisers: what looks nice doesn’t always raise more money. Have you been at the mercy of a marketing department, brand standards, or a graphic designer who “wants more white space”? You will know that pretty does hurt – it hurts revenue. As Jeff Brooks says: “Fundraising is good, not bad, when it’s ugly”.

#2. “I can have another you by tomorrow / So don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’ / You’re irreplaceable”








The message for fundraisers: Your donors can have another charity in a minute! You are not irreplaceable. Your work needs to be focused on your donors, and your cause. The second your organization gets a big ego is the second “everything you own” will be “in a box to the left”.

#3. “My daddy taught me how to love my haters”


The message for fundraisers: Don’t let complaints stop you from fundraising. I think this is especially true for direct mail complaints, which are an opportunity to start a conversation, and a sign that your materials are being noticed.

#4. “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want” “And I’m making (all these racks, all these racks)”











The message for fundraisers: this is a grown profession. We have, standing behind us, a body of knowledge and years of theory, research and testing. Don’t let your board, or volunteers, or your non-fundraising CEO/President undercut your confidence. Especially when your smart fundraising decisions are making “all these racks”.

#5. “My sister taught me I should speak my mind”









The message for fundraisers: don’t be afraid of your beliefs. Speak up about what you believe, what your values are. Don’t be afraid of having an opinion, something worthwhile to say. Too many charities are focused on appealing to the “general public”.

#6. “Finally, you put my love on top”









The message for fundraisers: love is what this profession is all about. Love for one another, love for humankind.  When you find yourself getting lost in spreadsheets, reports, meetings, office politics, find a way to put love of your donors and love of your cause back on top.

#7. “We Are Here”









The message for fundraisers: There are big problems in this world – but we are here. It is our calling, our vocation, to understand those problems and challenges. To think big about the solutions, and to connect people to opportunities to make this world a better place.

#8. “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon give up, I’m not gon stop, I’m gon work harder”









The message for fundraisers: Don’t give up.  This is important work, but it isn’t easy. The best, most exciting things in life will scare you, and push you. The obstacles, road block, and hard times will make you stronger. Take them in stride. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.


Written by Rory Green




Rory is a Senior Development Officer by day, and FundraiserGrrl by night. As a major gifts fundraiser, I connect donors with an opportunity to invest in a better future. FundraiserGrrrl is a blog about my cheeky observations about life in fundraising.

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