Guest Post: Psychology Secrets Every Fundraiser Should Know

Secret #1: The Eyes Have It!

Have you ever noticed how the eyes on a cereal box follow you down the aisle? It’s not an accident! Research by Cornell university has shown that we are more likely to buy cereals that make eye contact with us. The eye contact improves sales!

The lesson for fundraisers? Make sure the photos on your direct mail, emails, newsletter and annual reports are making eye contact with the reader! No artistic shots of people gazing into the distance.

WG_eye contact

Lesson #2: Scarcity Motivates!

When human beings perceive that a resource is limited – they want it more. Psychologists call this the scarcity principle. When people are able to anticipate the regret of not taking advantage of a limited time offer, they are more likely to act.

The lesson for fundraisers: put deadlines special offers – a special window of time for matching gifts, or the approaching end of the year can be powerful factors to motivate a donor.


Lesson #3: The Consistency Principle

Simply put, people like to act and behave in a way that is consistent with how they have acted and behaved in the past. A Princeton study found that asking people if they hypothetically would be willing to volunteer before asking them to volunteer dramatically increased the number of people willing to volunteer.

The lesson for fundraisers: Every year at Christmas the SPCA sends me an ornament to hang on my Christmas tree that says I support the SPCA – right before their year-end pack. It’s no coincidence! Prime your donors with ways they can show their support for your cause: signing a petition, sharing something on social media, a bumper sticker for their car. Referencing a donor’s past giving, or that they are a monthly donor are other ways to take advantage of the consistency principle. Establish that supporting your organization is something they consistently do.


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Written by Rory Green



Rory is a Senior Development Officer by day, and FundraiserGrrl by night. As a major gifts fundraiser, she connects donors with an opportunity to invest in a better future. FundraiserGrrrl is a blog about her cheeky observations about life in fundraising.

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