Guest Post: The Efficient “Chief Everything Officer”

the efficient -chief everything officer-

Are you the “Chief Everything Officer” at your nonprofit? Are you in charge of fundraising, communications, event planning, grant writing and public relations?  I feel your pain! Once upon a time, so was I.

What can you do to keep yourself from burning out and share the work?

Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Recruit a small army of volunteers – You might already have a volunteer who is passionate about your organization’s work who would gladly help you proofread copy, stuff envelopes, make phone calls, or do a number of tasks to lessen your load. Delegate whatever you can!
  2. Involve your board members – if you have board members that are retired professionals, often they are happy to help with anything, you just have to ask!
  3. Get organized – prioritize tasks weekly, or even daily.  Block out chunks of uninterrupted time to accomplish the top items, then move down the list.  Haven’t called your top donor once since the last gift two months ago? Set aside every Friday morning to make donor phone calls for one hour.  Take that list of your top 20 donors and keep it by your phone!

It CAN be done!

Wishing you abundance and success!


Written by Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE

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Ayda runs Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC, and she is also the author of “Tag, You’re IT – Now Raise Us Some Money”.

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