Guest Post: [QUIZ] How awesome is your thank you letter?

How awesome is your thank you letter-

The thank-you letter is the most important piece of communication a donor receives.
– Dr. Adrian Sargeant

I am going to repeat that: You want donor loyalty? You want to retain donors? You want a successful fundraising program? Then your thank you letter better be the best it can be.

Today I challenge you to take your organization’s generic thank you letter and put it to the test. This test is based on the awesome blog Think Thanks by Jen Love.

How did you do? Comment below and share your score.

If you need a tune up – why not check out these great resources:

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Written by Rory Green



Rory is a Senior Development Officer by day, and FundraiserGrrl by night. As a major gifts fundraiser, she connects donors with an opportunity to invest in a better future. FundraiserGrrrl is a blog about her cheeky observations about life in fundraising.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: [QUIZ] How awesome is your thank you letter?

  1. Great quiz! Really pinpointed the areas our strong thank you letter could get stronger. It’s hard in a tiny nonprofit to come up with specifics beyond general operations that gifts go to, but I know the more specifically we can tell donors what their generosity is accomplishing, the happier they’ll be about giving.

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