Guest Post: [INFOGRAPHIC] What we measure… and what’s missing



Do you want to show your donors more #DonorLove? Well according to Vanessa Chase Lockshin, it’s all about storytelling. In her upcoming webinar (info below), Vanessa will show you how to seamlessly incorporate stories into your non-profit’s stewardship touch points. You’ll learn how to use stories in impact reports and thank you letters. This webinar will discuss key ideas for telling stories that delight donors and helps them feel more connected to the work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Why stories are essential content for great stewardship
  • 4 keys to telling a great story, plus the most important element every stewardship story must have
  • How to tell a story in a thank you letter
  • How to tell a story in an impact report

Steward Your Donors With Stories
With Vanessa Chase Lockshin
April 12th: 10:00 EST / 1:00 PST (You will also be sent the recording)
Recording Available April 23rd



Written by Rory Green

roryRory is a Senior Development Officer by day, and FundraiserGrrl by night. As a major gifts fundraiser, she connects donors with an opportunity to invest in a better future. FundraiserGrrrl is a blog about her cheeky observations about life in fundraising.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: [INFOGRAPHIC] What we measure… and what’s missing

  1. Great infographic! I think some of the issue, at least within my non-profit, is that we are not sure how to measure donor retention. Many of our donors give each year, but not always the same level year to year. So do we measure the retention as just the percentage that are giving anything even if it’s a lower gift?

  2. Shelly – I’d look at your retention percentage – AND – of the donors we retained – how many gave more than last year.

  3. Great infographic. I’m stunned only 93% of people think donor stewardship is important. Isn’t that an easy 100%?! Hopefully, as a sector we start doing more to better steward our donors, it makes them happy (which naturally inclines them to give again and sometimes more!) and honestly it makes our jobs easier!

  4. Thank you! My question is how do we measure donor retention? We get many memorial gifts each year. Should those be removed? Can donor retention be looked at over more than one year? We reengage lapsed donors. Thanks again!

  5. Right on!!! I just wrote an article entitled ” The Crisis of Development Officer Short Tenures” which supports what your saying here. It’s time to measure how we work the entire fundraising cycle

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