3 things I learned at The #DonorLove Rendezvous

3 things I learned at The #DonorLove Rendezvous

Leaving The #DonorLove Rendezvous I had a huge smile. It was a smile that only comes from being around people who inspire me, people who have hope, people who are GENERALLY AWESOME!  

For those of you who were there, WOOT! and MISS YA’!  Let’s catch up. And for those that weren’t, hopefully I am spreading the love…

#1 — #DonorLove can be practiced everywhere!

The obvious is for all of the attendees to go back to our place of work and apply the lessons learned. There are the obvious fabulous examples shared by #donorlove experts. Fundraisers working in organizations big and small. The easy things like thank you cards or a quick phone call, a cool engagement opportunity. Or the slightly harder donor-centred communications like telling the story of your organization with your donors as the HERO.

But….here is the extra info, from ME… That is too narrow a definition of DONOR.

#DonorLove can be practiced with all the people who “give” to you in your life.

And even to those who “give” in the world who you don’t know… YET! Reach out, say thanks!

#DonorLove can be used with your volunteer gig with your son’s baseball team sponsors.  (That’s a reminder for me! GO WOLVES!).  

Define donor as widely as you can and go with it! See if you can apply the #donorlove philosophy to all of your actions and connections. You might find yourself smiling a lot more often!

#2 — #DonorLove is easy, especially if you plan for it!

I have seen so many lists of ways to show #donorlove, and guess what! They are all great!


Because by thinking about it, and taking action, you are WAY ahead of anyone who doesn’t think about it and doesn’t take action.

So, the message that came through at the Rendezvous in every decision, balloon, sign and smile was… think about #donorlove – ALL THE TIME! Buy extra thank you cards when you are in the store already and buy a few gift cards when you have the time, listen to the story of the next donor you meet and BE READY! There will be a person, donor, maybe even a new connection, that does something awesome, that shares something inspirational and when they do, be ready, and take action. That’s it! It’s that easy!

Having said that, if you need help, check out this blog which gives you the #DonorLove 101 rundown by the Agents of Good, John Lepp & Jen Love, themselves:

The 7 Principles of #DonorLove

#3 — #DonorLove with corporate partners

So, for those of you who know me, even a little, you know that most of the time I work on corporate fundraising. More often than that I work with companies who I very carefully do not call donors because they are actually corporate partners, sponsors, marketing partners, or companies I am planning a one-time campaign with.

Guess what? The principle of #donorlove – modified – is at the core of what I do, too! 


Yep, I think of my key contact at an organization as the primary donor, the person I want to build a strong relationship with, and I put a bunch of #donorlove principles in place with them (see above for principles!).

And then, I also think about the company itself, and how I can show it the love so the employees know what awesome stuff they are doing through my organization.

I’d be giving all my secrets away on our “first date” if I give you all the tips here, so follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter for more.

In the meantime, if you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, follow #donorlove on Twitter and you’ll be reminded.

You’ve got this!



Written by Heather Nelson

heatherstripesHeather is an experienced and passionate fundraising professional specializing in non-profit and corporate partnerships.

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