DX marks the spot!

I was sitting on my couch the other day and looked to my left and saw a stewardship piece that I worked on with a client, that my girlfriend pinned to my bulletin board.

I couldn’t stop looking at it, and all I could see – even from 8 feet away – was the word “YOU“.

“You” is the most powerful word in fundraising. Maybe in marketing in general. You’ve probably already heard this from me, or from some of my favourite people in fundraising (Rory, Jen, Shanon, Beth Ann, John & Tom, to name a few).

And I do believe in #donorlove like all those folks, but I’m also kinda past #donorlove…

Because not everyone wants to be loved. But everyone wants a good experience.

DX. Donor experience. (Think UX – user experience.)

If the donor has a good experience giving, guess what?! They’re very likely to give again, give more, and maybe even give monthly or at the mid-level.

#Donorlove. Donor-centric. DX. Maybe they’re all the same thing. Maybe not.

All I know is, when all I could see from the couch was “Thank you!” and “Your support”, I felt good.

How can you make your donors feel good today? How can you give them a great DX?

Tell me in the comments. I can’t wait to hear!


Written by Maeve Strathy

Maeve is the Founder of What Gives Philanthropy and has been working in fundraising for eleven years.
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6 thoughts on “DX marks the spot!

  1. Hello Maeve,

    Wow, I must say I was shocked to read you were kind of over it. But after reading your post I can see where you are coming from. Is #DonorLove, donor-centric and DX all the same….well I think they are all related. I think the golden rule here is to put the donor first, do it for the donor, and make them feel something – the feeling they had when they gave the gift. And don’t forget to tell them how they made a difference. You can do all these things in many different ways and everyone’s preference will vary. Think of the one donor and give that one donor what they want (and exceed it if you can). Then do it again for the next donor, and the next….

    • That’s exactly right, Stacey! I was being a bit cheeky/intentionally controversial by saying I’m over #donorlove. I’m not in theory. But in practice, it takes more thought, and although acts of #donorlove are simple, implementing them isn’t always. I think approaching it more strategically helps to make the love actually happen! Food for thought…

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