Thank you for your interest in advertising on

The numbers:

  • 3,975 monthly visits
  • 830 impressions per post
  • 38.9% average open rate on email newsletters
  • 18.1% average click rate on email newsletters
  • Social media promotion – 3,500 Twitter followers

The feedback:

“Maeve helped to promote a webinar I was running – and it really helped boost sales! I surveyed people afterwards and many said they found out about my webinar through Maeve and What Gives Philanthropy. If you are looking for a great way to get your product or service in front of fundraisers – get in touch with Maeve today.”

– Rory Green, Fundraiser Grrl

The process:

  • You write a valuable blog post adhering to these guidelines
  • You incorporate the work that you do and want to advertise within that blog post
  • You send the post to me for my edits and approval
  • If the post fits, we will coordinate payment ($250 per post)
  • Payment must be received before the post goes online
  • Your post will go live at the next available posting date

My promise:

  • I will ensure your post goes on the site as soon as possible
  • I will add a header image to the post (example here)
  • I will put together a snazzy email to send to my mailing list when your post goes live
  • I will promote your post on my social media networks for at least a week
  • I will follow up with a summary of how your post did on the site

I think we’ll enjoy working together!

Email me at to discuss further.


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