GOLD – Direct Mailing (Example: Class of 2006)

For [X] years, [School Name] has been transforming lives – including yours.

Think back to your time at [School]… think back to Monday chapel services, hanging with friends, meals in [Dining Hall], and competing on the fields, rinks, and slopes.  Think about how when you arrived at university, you found that [School] had equipped you with a solid academic background, an eagerness to get involved, and a value system that would help you on your way into the “real world”.  Think about how much fun you had at [School]!

It is thanks to the generous support of generations of alumni and parents that you enjoyed your own transformative experience at [School].  Now it’s your turn…

The School is currently focusing on financial aid as its top priority for fundraising.  We want to ensure that current and future students are able to enjoy the benefits of a [School] education just as you did, no matter what their financial situation is.

Help us make sure that can happen by showing your support.  As part of GOLD (Grads Of the Last Decade), which is made up of over 1,200 alumni, you are capable of making a significant impact on the School.  We know many of you are still in school, or just starting to establish yourself in your career, but every little bit counts.  A gift of $25 can make a huge difference.  YOU can make a huge difference.

Go online to [website] to make your gift now!

We know you loved your [School] experience.  Now it’s time to give back.  Show GOLD what you’re made of!



P.S. The leading class in GOLD (class of 2002) have challenged themselves to increase class participation to 30%. Rather than focusing on a dollar amount, they want to make sure everyone gets involved, no matter the size of their gift.  The class of 2006 had a          participation rate of 2% in 2010/2011. Let’s see if you can get to 10%.

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