Resources: Mid-Level Giving

Resources- Mid-Level Giving

The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions
by Sea Change Strategies

Why you NEED to Invest in a Mid-Level Donor Program
by Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels (Veritus Group)

Mid-level donors and the element of surprise 
by Maeve Strathy for 101fundraising

7 Things You Need to Know About Mid-level Donors
by Pursuant

Some Keys to Success with Mid-Level Giving
by Jessica Harrington

13-step process to building and strengthening your mid-level giving program
– Part One
Part TwoPart Three
by Maeve Strathy for Hilborn

Unclog Your Major Gift Program – Invest in Mid-Level Donors
by Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels

5 Key Strategies to Developing a Mid-Level Donor Program
by George Whelan

Mind the Gap: How to Bridge the Divide Between Annual & Major Gift Donors
by Mandy Walsh (Oakville Hospital Foundation) and Nicole Nakoneshny (KCI) for AFP Fundraising Day 2014

Mid-Level Gifts
by Maeve Strathy