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So it started like this… @UinvitedU was generous enough – as is his nature – to meet with me for 45 minutes or so in mid-March.  We chatted about my potential career path, trends in the non-profit sector, and then he enlightened me about the fact that I live in a total non-profit/fundraisers hub in Toronto.  I had no idea!  Some fundraisers live in midtown Toronto, but even more fundraisers work in midtown.  There’s the Nature Conservancy of Canada, TVO, Heart & Stroke, WWF, and more!  He encouraged me to organize a networking social for fundraisers in the area.  So, when my schedule cleared up a bit, I started a Doodle poll to pick a date and time, surveyed people for a venue via Twitter, and the RSVPs started rolling in.


The event itself took place last night (Monday, May 13 | 6:00-8:00pm) at the Duke of Kent, just north of Eglinton on Yonge.  I bought some nametags and a few sharpies and from 6:00 onwards was fortunate enough to meet 17 fundraisers in the neighbourhood.  We got to know each other, asked each other about what we do at our respective organizations, and just enjoyed good conversation with good people.

See some photos from the event below, and thank you to Jason, Christine, Stacey, Anthony, Quincin, Janice, Stephanie, Tania, Arundel, Keyla, JJ, Rickesh, Adam, Alice, Kyria, Michelle, and Frankie for taking part in this event.  Let me know if you want to make it happen again!  I encourage you to take the lead and I’m happy to lend support in any way that I can.

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