Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
What Gives Philanthropy aims to create dialogue around philanthropy, fundraising, and related topics.  It intends to discuss and explore these topics from all angles and points of view, inviting guest bloggers to write and share their ideas, with the objective of having posts appeal to readers outside of the industry. Finally, What Gives hopes to connect fundraisers with one another, as well as those in related fields, and to philanthropists themselves, creating a community full of passion, discussion, and philanthropy.

Vision Statement
What Gives Philanthropy envisions continuing this blog, growing the frequency of posts, the variety of topics discussed, and the standard of writing and idea-sharing.  Furthermore, it wants to connect with more and more interested individuals to guest blog for What Gives, providing more perspectives and linking more passionate people together.  On a grander, long-term (15-20 years) scale, What Gives Philanthropy will move into consulting work, evolving the company into an arena for consulting, idea-sharing, and discussion, working with non-profit organizations and advising them on next steps in their fundraising efforts.

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