My To Do List: Revisited

I love to do lists.  I write and re-write them constantly and find them a very effective and satisfying tool in my productivity.  Mine are almost always written on paper with pen (as opposed to electronic versions) and there’s almost nothing I like more than striking something off the list.

But sometimes they get jumbled and I have no idea where to start, what to prioritize over other things, etc.  So today – and I know it sounds simple – I created a new method of writing my to do lists.

I still write a list in no particular order on lined paper with a pen, but I’ve created a second column where I put a circled number between 1-6.  Here’s what the numbers mean:

  1. Needs to be done today, as soon as possible
  2. Ideally this is done today, but it’s a flexible item
  3. This is a priority this week
  4. This should be completed this week
  5. Ideally this is done this week, but it’s flexible
  6. Generally flexible

Sounds simple, right?  And it is!  I simply scan the second column of my to do list and look for 1’s.  Once all the 1’s are done, I move on to the 2’s, but I know if I at least finish every day with no 1’s on my list, I’m in pretty good shape.

What do you think?  What are your favourite strategies for productivity???

1 thought on “My To Do List: Revisited

  1. Excellent suggestions fundraisermaeve. I have another to add – a smart person told be this a long time ago. Never try to do more than two or at most three really important things in a day (in your case more than 2 or 3 1s.). If you do, you will inevitably be unable to complete even one of them, and you will be discouraged and delay completing all of them. But if you plan to do only 1 one or 2, and accomplish them, you will have had a great day!

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