Guest Post: Lessons in Fundraising from Lady Gaga



This weekend I went to a Lady Gaga concert. I danced. I sang. I screamed like I was 14.

I also learned a little something about fundraising.

The most powerful moment of the concert, for me at least, was when Gaga addressed the audience and did something extraordinary – she talked about beliefs. “We’re the same,” she screamed in a bejewelled outfit, “We believe in equality, we believe in human rights, we believe in social F#$%ing justice”.

I lost my mind.

Indeed, part of what I think makes Gaga’s fans – the “little monsters” as they are called – so fiercely loyal of their mother monster – is how unapologetic Gaga is about what she believes. She’s more than a pop star – she has opinions and values and doesn’t shy away from talking about them.

Shared beliefs are the bedrock of truly transformative relationships – between spouses, friends, colleagues, and even between donors and charities. Few things can bond us together more strongly as human being than shared beliefs.

Think about your non-profit – what do you believe in??? What is at the core of why you do the work you do? Can you answer that question? And how often do you talk about your beliefs?

Some charities are afraid to talk about what they believe in, for fear of chasing off donors. I think the opposite is true – if you can stand proudly behind what you believe in – like Gaga – your supporters will be fierce and fanatical – because they see their own beliefs reflected in you.

So what do you believe – whether it’s the Social Gospel or the Flying Spaghetti Monster – share those beliefs to get super fans of your very own.


Written by Rory Green


Rory is a Senior Development Officer by day, and FundraiserGrrl by night. As a major gifts fundraiser, she connects donors with an opportunity to invest in a better future. FundraiserGrrrl is a blog about her cheeky observations about life in fundraising.