What is #whatgiveswednesday? It’s a year-long project with the goal of cracking the mystery of young donors. Tune in every other Wednesday to read the latest post. (And click here to read a little more about the initiative.)

week 1: let’s paint a picture

week 2: give to get

week 3: guest post — gen Y besties

week 4: venting session

week 5: guest post — five ways we increased our young alumni giving participation rate

week 6: celebrate good times, come on! 

week 7: donor fatigue + give to get = ?

week 8: guest post — the generation Y organic disruption device

week 9: guest post: boom! what? harness the millennials!

week 10: let’s take a brief look back, shall we?

week 11: 5 ways to involve young people in your organization

week 12: guest post: prospect research & gen y

week 13: case study: ted livingston

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